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Our Story

Dive into the Story of Rise Up And Where It All Began

Phil, the founder of Rise Up, was born and raised on the island of Barbados. After years of traveling the world and studying in the UK, he decided to grow roots in Nicaragua and call it home. He fell in love with Nicaragua’s epic waves and wild beauty, but he stayed for the friendly and welcoming vibes of the people.

In 2009, mixing his love for surfing, nature, adventures, and good times, Phil founded Rise Up. The evolution was natural – what started small, just a few friends getting together to do what they love, has now transformed into a global community of the Rise Up familia.

The name for Rise Up came to Phil during a dreamy morning surf session. Check out this video to better understand the inspiration behind the name.

The evolution of Rise Up has been an incredible journey full of transformation and lessons. None of it would have been possible without the people we have met and worked with along the way.

A pivotal point of the Rise Up story was in 2014 when Phil met Corina. Thanks to a mutual friend, they were able to meet one morning in the surf; and the rest is history. Corina and Phil now run Rise Up together, with the love and support of their beautiful daughter, Kaya. Their mission is simple – to make sure everyone who comes has the most amazing experience possible.

Our Staff are the heart of the Rise Up experience. With a talent and dedication to making you feel at home, our staff will quickly welcome you into the family.

In 2018, we decided to hit the road, but we want to take you with us! We now offer retreats in locations outside of Nicaragua; in places such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Barbados. Rest assured you will experience the same legendary Rise Up vibe, just in a different destination.

We are proud to have a growing number of repeat guests, joining us year after year, for the high level of care and service that we provide. On a Rise Up retreat, expect to leave with new skills, new friendships, and a new sense of inspiration. We cannot wait to meet you and welcome you into our growing familia!

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Rise Up’s Vision and Mission

Our mission is to elevate the lives of people through our unique retreat experiences centred around sharing the love of surfing, building community,  adventure and connection to mother nature in combination with living a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

Our retreats embody the soul of a community who live each day mindfully. Connect to the ocean, people and the natural environment to feel uplifted, welcomed, safe and nurtured by each other and the people around us.

Our Values are:

  • Service
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Adventure
  • Freedom
  • Joy

All encased in a container of integrity, initiative, imagination and professionalism where we are always evolving to create unique and life-changing experiences for our guests and all the people who are a part of our incredible family.

Our Destinations


Surfboards on roof


A Tranquil and Secluded Surf Retreat in Northern Nicaragua

Costa Rica

Join Rise Up in one of our Beautiful Costa Rica Destinations


A Surf Experience with A Laid Back Spirit and Good Vibes


A Paradisal Escape to A Magical Caribbean Island
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