We are the Rise Up Surf Familia



Operations Manager | Switzerland

Corina is our fun-loving, do-it-all girl from Switzerland. She loves people and has a knack for planning mind-blowing events. She is an organizational master who has taken the operations of Rise Up Surf to a whole new level. Originally from the mountains, Corina has had the opportunity to surf in many amazing countries around the world.



Founder & Owner | Barbados

The inspiration for Rise Up Surf comes from Phillip’s love for surfing and desire to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle, surrounded by good vibes and positive people. After several years traveling in search of waves and adventure, Phillip made Nicaragua his home. After owning and selling one of Nicaragua’s largest hostels (Bigfoot Hostel in Leon), he decided to leave the bustling city behind and create Rise Up Surf Nicaragua.

General Manager - Marcia


General Manager | Switzerland

Marcia brings a fresh outlook to Rise Up Surf this season. She has over ten years working in hospitality and we are excited to have her take over the general management.



Surf Guide & Instructor | Spain

Francisco is the action man who, after coming to live in Nicaragua from Spain, for the last few years has joined the Rise Up familia as an all around host and surf instructor; making sure guests are always happy whether it be in the bar, surf or simply around the camp. 



Surf Guide & Instructor | Hawaii

Conner has joined the team from Hawaii and after several visits to Nicaragua he has come again to join us as our talented in house videographer, surf instructor and surf guide. 

Charlotte - Head Chef


Head Chef | USA

Charlotte combines the best of Nicaraguan cuisine and her background in plant-based cooking to create plates that are colorful, nourishing and delicious. With a degree in Sustainable Agriculture, Charlotte is deeply inspired by seasonal produce rhythms and is passionate about creating menus that cater to our guests energy levels for full days of surfing, yoga and adventure.



Surf Guide & Instructor | Nicaragua

Oscar is truly one of the most talented and fun human beings on the planet. He is an exceptionally passionate and motivated surf instructor and one of the best local surf guides around. When not surfing Oscar ensures you are having the best time at the camp or on fun adventures in the region. Check out Oscar and some of the crew in this Surf video shot in our region or read a little more about him on our Blog.



Surf Guide & Instructor | Nicaragua

Melquing has an out of this world charisma and energy. After only two years working with Rise Up Surf he now speaks perfect English and continually shows our guests a good time. Check our Blog to see a video of Melquing and the other local boys tearing it up.



Surf Instructor & Guide | Nicaragua

Norvin is a smooth and cool character that will ensure you are surfing the best waves possible while at Rise Up Surf. Check out our Blog to see Norvin and the other local boys surfing in our area.


Marvin (Chinto)

Surf Guide & Instructor | Nicaragua

Chinto is, hands down, one of the best barrel riders in Nicaragua, if not the world. He is also one of the friendliest guys on the planet. Whether it is in the water or on dry land, Chinto is the guy you always want to have around!

Surf Instructor - Laura


Surf Guide & Instructor | USA

Laura is our fun loving surf instructor from California. She lights up Rise Up with an energy that brings a smile to everyone that has the pleasure to meet her. 



Surf Instructor/Videographer | France

Clem has been surfing for over 10 years and coaching for 5 years. He has a lot of technical knowledge behind the board as well as behind the camera lens.

yoga teacher holly


Yoga Instructor / Social Media | New Zealand

Originally a farm girl from New Zealand, I now live in Malibu, CA with my husband. Together we have a passion for traveling; his is inspired by his career in surfing, and mine by a love of meeting new people. I’ve practiced Yoga for many years and last year gained my 500 hour teaching certification through YogaWorks. I spent two months teaching at Rise Up at the end of 2017 and I’m really excited to be back. I believe that Yoga has the power to change your life by stilling your mind, opening your heart, and cultivating peace in everything that you do.



Yoga Instructor | Sweden

Elin has been practicing Yoga for 7 years. She first got into Yoga in Sri Lanka and then went on to study to be a Yoga Instructor in India. “Both Surfing and Yoga require breath control, concentration, and mental and physical flexibility”.



Photographer | Spain

Bea is our on-site freelance photographer who will likely catch the best moments of your trip. She is also a joy to be around and will always keep everyone laughing.

Vanessa - Staff


Bartender | Nicaragua

This lovely Nicaraguan girl behind the bar is always there to help you. She is the one who makes your favorite smoothies and serves your ice-cold beer and/or cocktail during sunset.



Accountant & Administration | Nicaragua

Roger works in the behind scenes action with accounting and administration helping to make sure we are as organized as possible.



Assistant Chef | Nicaragua

Tina is the mama of the kitchen and loves to bake. She along with the rest of the kitchen team ensure our guests are well looked after.



Head Of House Keeping | Nicaragua

Lesbia is in charge of organizing the daily house keeping for in and around the camp.



House Keeping | Nicaragua

Maura is part of the house keeping team that help keep Rise Up Surf sparkling and clean.



Gardener | Nicaragua

Robinson is our quiet gardener who makes sure the camp looks beautiful and neat.

Staff Dog

Alan, Bob, Marley

House Dogs | Nicaragua

It can’t get any better, than a morning walk on the beach.