Saying goodbye to our only female surf coach.

For those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting Rise Up surf coach Laura, you’ll understand that it is with heavy hearts that we had to say our goodbyes to her today. This was her second time with us at Rise Up and it’s become hard to imagine the place without her. As our only female surf coach, she has truly brought a unique style and energy to our surf coaching program and she will certainly be missed by the entire Rise Up familia.

Oh, and did we mention, she absolutely shreds on a surfboard? It’s amazing to watch.


Female Surf Instructor


We all have hopes that she will return to us soon, but if her adventures take her somewhere else, then we are thankful for all of the good times that we had together. While she was taking a nap [*cough* watching Cinderella in her bedroom the other day *cough*] the rest of the staff took some time to relive our favorite memories of Laura’s time here. Some of them probably weren’t suited for a public blog, so we added them to her private journal instead. But to give you a sense of why we are going to miss this girl so much – and in the hopes of making her cry when she reads this at the airport – we want to share with you, some of our favorites.


“My favorite memory of Laura was out at The Boom and looking down the line and seeing her drop in and get absolutely slotted on this thing. Watching her get barreled for the first time in her life and how stoked she was afterward. And to have all of her friends watching her and cheer for her. So epic to see.”

– Conner, Surf Instructor


To be fair, that memory was a favorite for all of the guys that witnessed Laura getting barreled for the first time. She was literally beaming for days afterward.




“Every time Laura talks to Clem. There’s just general incomprehension on both sides. It’s hilarious.”

– Josh, Surf Instructor

“My favorite recorded is when you ahhmmm try to drove, drive, driven. Drive? the motorbike for first time and you are a complete disaster so all the time I need push you for go. All the space. So angry with you. So laura, you are a bad person. I love you.”

– Bea, Photographer

“My time with her in Costa Rica with plenty of hours of traveling, sketchy neighborhoods, flying boards, and dancing in the road waiting to get our taxi fixed was all worth it to see her go radical in the Carribean barrels and get smashed.”

– Francisco, Surf Instructor



“When I taught you to drive my motorbike, Loz, and I said “Loz just drive up down the road a little bit” and you disappeared for two hours and I was terrified for the whole time.”

– Josh, Surf Instructor

“Whenever you come towards me you’re like “Marrrrccciaaa” and I don’t even need to wait for you to finish the sentence and I’m like “Yes, you can have my bike.” So yes, this is it, you can always have my bike. I love you.”

– Marcia, Manager

“My favorite moment was when you finally stood up for yourself and told everyone that you didn’t want to do bar or dinner anymore, even though you’re great at bar and dinner, it was so cool to see you take a stand”

– Elin, Yoga Teacher

“I don’t really know where to begin. I hardly left Laura’s side the entire time I was down here so she is a part of every memory that I have of this place. Mostly, I loved all of the moments in-between the standout memories, like lying in our hammock and learning to macrame, escaping camp on the motorbikes, and burning down the Cholapa, oh, and every-single-salsa night. But my favorite memory is of Coach Laura, you get upset when we call you competitive or ambitious, but it’s those qualities that make you absolutely the best coach I’ve ever had. You taught me so much and I cannot wait to keep learning from you.”

– Holly, Yoga Teacher


Her laugh is contagious and her strength is overwhelming. She has a big heart and was always there for anyone that needed words of encouragement or someone to spill their soul to. We wish her happy travels and a safe return home and hope she knows that with these memories she is never far away from our thoughts. Love you Lozzy, keep ripping out there!!



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