The Triathlon…

Thanks to our amazing guests and supportive community, Sunday’s triathlon was an absolute success. With a huge turnout of competitors, especially in the individual section, the excitement was high during registration and bet-placements. With a surfboard on the line, we also had a record turnout of locals competing which was really awesome to watch.

Fundraiser Triathlon

Local surf coach, Chinto.

The Race…

The triathlon kicked off a little later than scheduled at around 8am, but the tide was looking good and, fortunately, the waves weren’t too strong. So with adrenaline running high, the competitors made their way down to the shoreline to begin the race. The swim around the point was a challenge for many, and the pack was quickly divided as the leaders started to make their way onto The Boom beach to begin the bike-ride portion. Unfortunately, one competitor got stung by a jellyfish and had to be pulled into the rescue boat, but other than that, everyone made it to shore in record time.

As the bikes began to pull out onto the road, the race really began to heat up. Where some lacked swimming strength, they certainly made up for it in cycling ability, and if you’ve ever driven the road to one of our local beaches Nahualapa, you’ll know that it’s no small feat. With spectators riding ahead on scooters, we watched as some of the competitors surpassed several of the lead racers with absolute ease. By the time the first few people dismounted their bikes to begin the run, the race truly could have belonged to anyone.


The Results…

But of course, in the end, taking out the lead spot at the Rise Up finish-line was Surfing Nahua‘s own Barry Oliver an absolutely fierce competitor and generous man who announced in his acceptance speech that it is toña and flor de caña that help to get him int he right condition for a triathlon. Next across the line was our newest staff member and jack-of-all-trades, Garrett aka Gazza, our Permaculture specialist who dedicated his win to his Mom, wearing her name on his arm with a makeshift, permanent-marker tattoo. But the real excitement of the race was what came next.

Everyone was hanging out to see which local would cross the line first; who was going to be taking home Dillon Perillo‘s new board. And given that he was well behind brother Chinto in the swim, it was a surprise to most of those waiting at the finish line to see Norvin round the corner first and begin to tear his way up the beach toward home.

Fundraiser Triathlon Winner

Fundraiser triathlon winner

Local surf-guide Norvin crossing the finish line


Other honorable mentions of the day include Rise Up Surf’s own coach, Laura, coming first in the women’s solo race, and locals Gustavo and Phillipe with the help of our guest, Tim, taking out the team category.



But the real winners of the triathlon were the students that Waves of Hope support with their scholarship program and the entire Asseradores community that will benefit from our clean water project. So, thank you to everyone that donated and got involved, we look forward to hosting again next year. And a very special thanks to Pasta la Vista, Surfing Nahua and Waves of Hope for helping us to make this triathlon the success that it was.

Check out the rest of the photos below, shot by the one and only Bea Barba






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