Current Projects

We are dedicated to living a healthy and happy life and to helping the community around us do the same. Below you can learn more about current projects focussed on children, education, and promoting conservation projects.

Rise Up Kids

Rise Up Kids was created with the vision of assisting and implementing projects that would improve and enhance the lives of local children in the communities around Rise Up. The primary focus is on education, but we are also aiming to contribute in various other ways. Our first project is restoring the local primary school in Asserredores Northern Nicaragua so that it is safer, cleaner, and more conducive for learning.

We are using a local team to build and manage the revamp of the school starting in November 2019 and have a goal of accomplishing this project by February 2020. 

Surf Club

The idea behind the Surf Club is simple: bring people together who don’t have access to surf boards and in many cases don’t even go in the ocean, and teach them to surf in a fun and safe environment. We live in communities where surfing is the biggest influence on the local tourism, yet many locals simply don’t have the same opportunity or confidence to try it.

This club began with our own local staff at Rise Up where our surf coaches dedicated a couple hours a week to get them in the water and riding some waves! 

Our wish is to expand the project to include women and children who are often marginalized in the poorest communities.


Ocean Conservation

“With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.”—Sylvia Earle. At Rise Up, we are grateful for the ocean and the amount of time we get to spend in it, which is why we want to protect it as much as possible. 

Our efforts and initiatives include Sea Turtle conservation, beach clean ups, influence on poor fishing practices (in particular, bomb fishing), and hosting school events that educate kids on ocean conversation.