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I caught my first green wave in my life, cooked in the camp kitchen,  enjoyed a wicked rainy Yoga lesson on the beach and had an amazing wake surf session in the mangroves but that is just a part of the amazing adventure. Looking back …

I decided to travel for the first time to America – central America – to improve my surfing, explore new foods and the culture. Costa Rica seemed too touristy – Honduras to unsafe and after taking a closer look, Nicaragua drew my attention. So I flew to Nicaragua to the Rise Up Surf Camp.

August is a low season for surfing in Nicaragua, but for my beginner level, it was just perfect. The location Punta Aposentillo is around 3,5 hours away from the Managua Airport and the lovely surf camp had everything and much more than I ever imagined. It is honestly paradise on earth.


Everyday we enjoyed a daily relaxing yoga session and a surf lesson on one of the many amazing, secluded beaches close to the camp. I was so happy, when I caught a wave by my self after just 2 days. It is still hard to read the ocean, see a good wave or know how the tides.  All over I learned  so much and got a much better understanding of the ocean and surfing, in just one week.


As a passionate swiss food- and paleo-blogger, I fell in love with the mangos, XXL papayas, purple dragon fruits and the local peanut butter, cacao beans and the hibiscus flowers. They all are just growing right here in the garden, incredible. The chefs are using as much plant based and local food as possible and creating tasty dishes for the guests with every meal being a different and unique work of magic. Next to the cool surf experience I got a tasty week of new flavours, ingredients and textures cooked by local Nicaragua women. It was so inspiring to eat dishes like vegetarien burritos, gluten free pizza, plantains, chicken salad made with several local greens or a golden milk chia pudding served with fresh local fruits.



I was so lucky to get the opportunity to cook once in their kitchen. After i saw the food storage behind the kitchen, I couldn‘t stop exploring all there fruits, vegetables and herbs. I realised again how cool and important it is to use local and seasonal food.


Another unforgettable experience I had  was with the yellow coconut. Francisco, one of the surf guides, showed me how to use the right stick to get a ripe coconut from a palm tree in the garden. It was harder than I thought. You need some power and the right move to get it. After the successful hunting he showed me how to open the coconut correctly, with an old machete, so we could drink the water and eat the soft jelly coconut meat inside .Soo yum…


The whole surf, yoga and food experience was amazing. After many waves, wake surf, boat trips, hunting coconuts and eating delicious local food, I‘d like to share a big thanks to the whole Rise Up Surf Familia. It was a pleasure to take the  flight back home with lots of new ocean knowledge an a happy belly, Nina.


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