Head Surf Instructor

Principal Job Description

  • Main instructor for surf lessons and surf coaching session – plan week/daily surf lessons taking beginners/intermediate through a steady development throughout the week including two video analysis sessions and three surf theory classes per week plus in water and beach classes.
  • Create, plan and execute lessons that are professional, fun and safe but also flexible to the needs and levels of individual guests and thus a high amount of personal communication is required with guests.
  • Manage the surf program for all the assistant instructors for that week ensuring they are focusing on the guests appropriately and designate duties to each team member to ensure a smooth surf session every time and all the guests achieve their surfing goals.
  • Coordinate and organise all guest surf lessons and trips alongside assistant surf instructors and management.
  • Responsible for effective communication with the management, assistant surf instructors and the rest of the team to ensure that all guests needs are met and daily operations run smooth as possible.
  • In charge of giving constructive feedback to the management about guests and fellow staff members.
  • Assisting with hosting of guests while at the camp, which may include a meal shift but more importantly living as part of a community where the focus is on the guests means you take part in making sure guests are stoked everyday.
  • At the end of each week the lead instructor should check all the boards and equipment that has been used that week to swap out leashes and fins as needed and put board to be repaired appropriately. Also check medical kits and all other equipment is stocked and working properly.
  • Weekly meetings with management to plan the coming week based on the new arrivals.


Start Date: Currently looking for an instructor to start April 2018 and October 2018.
Schedule: 6 days week per week with 5 full days of coaching plus an arrival day where we assess the surf level of each guest.
Salary: Based on experience but alongside salary it is a private room and all meals and drinks (except alcohol) included.



  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • ISA level 2 qualifications or equivalent
  • Minimum 3 years surf coaching experience

A basic knowledge of Spanish will be helpful but not essential and great communication skills verbally and written are essential.

Head Surf Instructor

Permaculture Expert / Gardener

General Job Description

  • In charge of the daily gardening, building and farming at site and sticking to the organic principles
  • Helping alongside our chef to design and implement an onsite garden and responsible for the daily kitchen supply of greens, vegetables and herbs
  • Change people’s lives through food while offering the best tasting and most varied greens, vegetables and herbs
  • Teaching and training other (kitchen) staff members
  • Willing to start as an experimental project but where the long-term goals are not only to supply our kitchen but to work with the wider community
  • Responsible for helping with eco projects


Schedule: 5 days per week with one day off a week.

Salary: based on experience but alongside salary you get a private room and all meals and drinks (except alcohol) included. During your time off you can join fishing, surfing, yoga, learning Spanish or other workshops.



  • Minimum 6 months commitment
  • Speaking English and Spanish is essential

A knowledge and passion for healthy food, including vegan and healing foods is a valuable asset.

You are also able to offer workshops or any other area of interest for extra income

We are really open and keen to expand on what we offer to Rise Up guests and as a community in general and food program is critical part of this

It is a dynamic role as you have to be focused on the business side of production to produce foods that are easy to grow but also are in synergy with the menu and environment we have. The garden is somewhat of a challenge but with the right dedication and skill set (in tropical permaculture) we believe it is possible.