As the thunder storms become less frequent and the ground begins to dry, we welcome in a new season at Rise Up with some fresh additions to our team. Wife of professional surfer, Dillon Perillo, Holly joins the crew as our resident Yoga teacher. Kicking off her first week with a sunset practice in the middle of a thunder storm. What could be more picturesque?


Having grown up on a farm in New Zealand, living in Los Angeles does not come easily to me. Amid the high energy and hustle of the super-city, my nervous system craves stillness and solitude. I’ve practiced Yoga for 8 years now, and danced for years before that, but it wasn’t until my move to the States that I realized how beneficial mindful movement can be for the body and the mind. I got affiliated with YogaWorks early on in my new life and their alignment-based Vinyasa classes really resonated with me.

Originally, I had moved to the States to work for a surfing magazine. The two years that I worked for What Youth were instrumental, but I knew something was missing for me. When my boyfriend (Dillon) and I decided to get married, I made the move from Orange County to Malibu and decided it was the perfect opportunity to explore my own Yoga practice a little more deeply. In 2016 I completed my YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training with Mia Togo, a mentor that was so compassionate, knowledgeable, and patient that I continued straight into a 300 hour training with her at the beginning of 2017, opening the doors for Holly Adele Yoga.

My good friend Georgie came to stay with me in LA on her way to teach at Rise Up, following the suggestion of another friend of ours who had been there teaching surfing. I thought that the opportunity sounded amazing but never thought it was be a possibility for me.  Fast-forward a few months and I find myself in the incredible Yoga pavilion at Rise Up, overlooking the ocean as I fill in for Georgie for two months while she is back in New Zealand.

Rise Up Yoga Studio

I don’t think I’ve ever experience such a beautiful space to practice in. Not only is it the coolest place on the property with a light breeze traveling from one beach to another, but it’s brand new, raised high so that it sits among trees and vines, with an ocean view and the sound of crashing waves. With new Manduka Pro mats and all of the bells and whistles of a modern studio, it’s the perfect place for guests to come and practice, whether they’re wanting something more restorative after a day of paddling or for the advanced Yogi looking to deepen their practice.

Given my Yoga background, I prefer to teach and alignment-based Vinyasa flow style, but my teaching has grown and morphed here as I work with different people from all walks of life. Just this week I’ve had the privilege of teaching several beginners who had never found the courage to try out a class in the big cities that they’re from. And I think that’s what the beauty of a Rise Up adventure is; the opportunity to try new things without attachment or judgement, to be able to push yourself, knowing that you’re in safe hands, with an incredible staff that truly want to see you succeed.



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