Meet Alix, one of our lovely and returning guests, who has become part of our Rise Up family because we love having her around. She has been here many times and actually stopped counting how often. “Simply, because why would you pay attention to the counting when you love to be somewhere?” This is exactly why Rise Up is super curious about her experiences and had an interview with her to find out all about it.

meet our guest alix interview

  1. How did you find Rise Up?

“So I have been coming to Central America since the late eighties and Nicaragua was always on my mind, because you always hear about the great waves and surfers. But I knew that southern Nicaragua was already quite explored and crowded. So I started googling and found two or three camps in Northern Nicaragua. I emailed all of them but Rise Up was the only one who responded. I had a lot of questions, like: how is the surf, what are the different levels, how are the waves, how is weather, what is the best time to come, how much is it and what is included, actually all sorts of questions”. So I emailed back and forward and Rise Up answered all my questions. 


  1. What is your most memorable part of Rise Up?

“That is hard to tell, there are so many! But actually the most memorable part would be my friend getting engaged. We just celebrated Thanksgiving the day before and she actually wasn’t feeling well the day after. We were going to hike the volcano and she didn’t want to come along. But all the guests and staff knew she was getting engaged on top of the volcano, so she had to go! Everyone was helping and pushing her to go. That was a pretty cool experience! And my second best memory is seeing my nephew catching his first waves. I’ll never forget that!”


  1. What do you think keep people coming back to Rise Up? What keeps you coming back?

“I watched Rise Up start and grow, I made friends with all the staff, I love the country and personal hospitality at Rise Up. The surf instructors are really into getting you in as many waves as possible and the quality of people who is coming is great. At this place you get the adventure and mingling with people. It is just the right combination of being taken care off, but not too pampered, because you can also disconnect from things. I think other people pick up on that same sense of family and community.

I made so many friends at this place and that feels pretty special. For example I was here with Christmas this year. Now the friends I got to know here and I, are all thinking of being back for next year, because we all feel part of the Rise Up Family”.


  1. What do you think about the staff at Rise Up?

“The staff is great, but it was even more amazing to watch them grow. Some of the local staff couldn’t speak any English and now they all improved so much. And it is just a good mix of western people and Nicaraguans who are working here. Furthermore it is just great that Rise Up can accommodate all our needs. So for example I’m a vegan and the cooks are always able to make me something nice. The operation and boutique service of Rise Up is just unique!”


  1. What do you think about the surf around Rise Up?

“The surf is great! There is so many different levels of teaching and suitable surf breaks for all different levels. I have surfed many spots around and I had great times at all different spots. Each one is different and unique in it’s own way, so I can’t really pick one. Plus the surf lesson is always good, because it is not only in the ocean. Also paddle training in the pool and video analysis are included, which is great for making good progression. 


  1. What do you think about the food at Rise Up?

“It is amazing! I love it! Like I said Rise Up can accommodate all my needs. I think there has never been a meal that I didn’t like”.


  1. What do you think about the yoga at Rise Up?

“I don’t do yoga that much because I am injured, but I know everyone who does the yoga, loves it. And even if you’d like to do yoga but you have some problems, the yoga teacher will help you find a better and easier way to practise yoga”.


  1. So is there anything you would like to give tips on or recommend us?

“I wish I could give you some good tips but I have seen Rise Up grow and running as a well-oiled retreat. It is one of the few spots, which really gets it right. When you don’t have the time to think about or organize your own (surf) holiday, Rise Up gives you the chance to recharge, maximize your surfing (time), explore a new country, make friends, do yoga and just relax. Rise Up offers a good balance for everyone! Even my dad loves to come along with me”.


Of course Rise Up could tell you “you should come and experience Rise up yourself” but hopefully Alix got you actually dreaming about being here and we couldn’t thank her more for it.

Therefore big thanks for you, Alix. Your openness and loyalty are very precious to us!


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