Life at Rise Up Surf After Riots

It’s no secret that Nicaragua is in the midst of some political riots right now and, understandably, we’ve been receiving emails from concerned guests who want to know how this might affect their upcoming stay. So we thought it time to let you know that camp life continues as normal and although our heart goes out to those directly affected, our remote location means that we have not been directly affected.

Route to Rise Up still clear despite Riots

It was with sorrow that we received the reports on how some of the protests turned violent a week ago but have since been reassured by friends and family that the incidents were isolated to certain parts of the cities. They have also said that things have since calmed down and that any continuing protests are peaceful.

It’s our understanding (as reported by the LA times) that the protests grew out of a “reform of the national pension system that would increase worker and company contributions while reducing benefits.” Since the government announced the reform on April 16th, they have since scrapped the new law because of the protests. We’ve been told that the protests now continue peacefully.

The closest city to Rise Up is about an hour away and at no point last week did we feel unsafe. We hosted a group of 25 guests who came to and from the airport (through Managua, Leon, and Chinendega) without incident. So while we understand the travel warnings issues by Embassy’s, we truly believe that your vacation with Rise Up Surf will not be compromised as has been reported on by the media. Of course we will be keeping a close eye on what is going on and will let future guests know if we have any reason to believe that things have become unsafe.

Rise Up Triathlon during the week riots broke out in major Nicaragua cities.

Sending big love and support to all of the poeple of Nicaragua and we hope any unhappiness is resolved soon. And to all of our future guests, we look forward to hosting you and to showing you all fo the beauty that our little slice of paradise has to offer.


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