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Current Projects

Rise Up and the Local Communities

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy life- regardless of where you were born. We are dedicated to helping improve the lives of our local community through various projects focusing on children, education, and conservation.

Rise Up Kids

Our NGO, Rise Up Kids, was founded with one main goal – improving and enhancing the lives of children in our Nicaragua community. Examples of our contributions include helping with medical bills and supplying clothing and other essentials. However, we believe that real change starts with education. Our main project is the renovation and restoration of the local primary school in our community of Asseradores in Northern Nicaragua. The goal is to provide new school supplies and create a safer, cleaner environment more conducive to learning.

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Surf Club

Surfing is one of the biggest draws for tourism in this area of Nicaragua, and yet many locals do not even know how to swim – let alone surf. We want to change that. Our goal with the surf club is to teach those in our community, who otherwise would not have access to boards, how to surf. We want to help them build more confidence in and out of the water.

Surfing has been a reason for joy in our lives, and we want to share that joy with our local community. Our Rise Up surf coaches dedicate a couple hours a week to getting the surf club out in the water and onto some waves.

It has been amazing to see the transition of people who were once nervous to go for a swim, now catching waves on their own! We especially love to see the women in our community getting in the water and getting involved.


At Rise Up, the ocean is our home and our life force. We hold immense gratitude for the ocean and all that it provides, which is why we work to protect it.

Our efforts include sea turtle conservation, beach clean-ups, and community education on ocean conservation.

We are also proud partners of My Climate – a program that makes it possible to offset the carbon emissions of your flights. The money redirected from this program is put into local projects here in Nicaragua.

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