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A few days ago Northern Nicaragua and Rise Up Surf have been announced to one of the best surf destinations in the world and with good reason! But what makes a surf adventure in Northern Nicaragua that worth it?


What is the surf in Northern Nicaragua like?

Nicaragua is a stunningly beautiful country in Central America. It offers perfect tropical beaches, pristine forests, volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, breathtaking landscapes, a warm and pure culture and of course world class surf. It is true southern Nicaragua has the advantage of off shore wind because of the lakes, but even in Northern Nicaragua you can surf pretty much every day! And even more attractive about Northern Nicaragua is that the surf spots are definitely less crowded. The surf up here is most consistent from May to November. This is when the rainy & swell season is and the sand banks are at their best.

What are the different surf spots?

Around Punta Aposentillo there are many different surf spots. Northern Nicaragua offers fun breaks, from classic point breaks, barreling reef breaks, hollow fast tubes to mellow beach breaks. Here you have a few of them at a glance and stars for difficulty.

The Boom *****

One of Nicaragua’s heaviest and most hollow beach breaks, “The Boom” is only a 10-minute walk away form the Rise Up Surf guesthouse.


The Point ****

This “rippable” left-hand point break is just 10-minutes away by boat.


Jiquilillo ***

These punchy sand bars are a 30-minutes drive away. Both inside and outside sand bars offer great waves for every level. The size of the wave really depends on the forecasted swell.


Nahualapa ***

A short drive from our property, this spectacular bay picks up a lot of swell and offers right and left hand breaks, which suit all levels.


Aposentillo **

This beginner-friendly spot has easy-going, good, green-face waves to learn on. It is just a few minutes walk along the beach from our property.


Out Front/Down Below

Just down the hillside from our guesthouse or “out front”, you will find a beautiful bay with sweet, mellow waves, perfect for beginners.


How are surf adventures with the Rise Up Familia?

At Rise Up we don’t only offer the learn to surf package. For the once who only have one mission: to surf as much as possible, the guided guest package is your best choice. Our local surf guides will take you on an epic adventure to find the right waves for your surf level. From chasing waves, intense guiding, free surfing, road trips to boat trips, there are no limitations to your wishes. The Rise Up crew shows you the best breaks in North Nicaragua and makes sure you can enjoy your surf sessions to the fullest. When not surfing this fun and passionate local guides ensure you are enjoying the best of the local culture and attractions in the region.

What to bring on your surf adventure?

Bring your own board and sense of adventure. Otherwise we have plenty of boards to choose from. Then, bringing some extra wax, leash and solarx never hurts, because there are no surf shops around the camp. On top of this we would like to recommend you to bring some extra goodies for the locals. There are a lot of local kids around this area who get to know the surf tourism and who would love to learn/improve their surfing. However they will never have the same access surf equipment as we have. Really, a block of wax means the world to them! And for you this can be your moment to connect, make friend and speak some Spanish. The line up’s up here aren’t crowded, and the locals are friendly so say hola, chat and bring a big smile to have a great surf adventure in Nicaragua


Come and explore the Northern Nicaraguan yourself!



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