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Meet Our Newest Surf Instructor, Artur

He very rarely stops smiling and stepped out of his transfer onto Rise Up soil ready to work. He’s easily slotted himself into the family-style living at Rise Up and has taken on his role as a surf instructor with ease. Having already adopted the nickname Arturo after being here less than a week, it wasn’t long before he began to feel like a piece of the furniture. It’s not easy to arrive the same day that other employees are departing – it leaves big shoes to fill – but his enthusiasm to work and his desire to see his students to suceed has already proven him invaluable.

Surf instructor Rise Up surf Nicaragua


And it hasn’t been all easy-going for him either. Just two days into coaching, he was unfortuante enough to step on a stingray (very rare) and had to spend four hours in the local clinic under observation. He described the pain as excrutiating and enough to think he might die. But you wouldn’t have guessed it by the staunch look on his face and the fact that after treating the wound well, he was back in the water with his students only three days later.

We’re still getting to know the man, so in the hopes of sharing more than just our observations with you, we’ve put together a list of 10 fun-facts about the man so that together we can get to know more about his character.



10 Fun Facts

  1. His full name is Artur Tatevosjan
  2. He was born in Kazakhstan where his parents are from
  3. He was raised in the south of Germany in a small village
  4. He learned to surf 4 years ago while on a working/holiday Visa in Australia
  5. He has spent one year teaching surfing in Portugal and another three years in Spain at Dream Sea Surf
  6. His favorite artist is currently Kendrick Lamar
  7. He is a self-proclaimed kook in the surf because he is still learning. [DISCLAIMER: We’ve seen him surf and we do not agree with this statement, especially since he has taught over 5000 people to surf and all of them managed to stand up under his instruction]
  8. He taught self-defence and Martial Arts in Germany
  9. He dreams of opening his own surf camp in Portugal one day
  10. His most memorable moment from his stay with us so far was today when he finally learned to nap and relax and enjoy life!

So, that’s Arturo as we know him so far, and we hope that you get to know him too. Clever, funny, outgoing, and committed – welcome, Arturo, we’re so happy that you’re now part of the Rise Up familia!



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