What is your surf level?

The idea of separating skill levels and experience before you arrive at Rise Up Surf is to help us plan your week of surf instruction to maximize your progress. It is so hard to really define what an intermediate surfer is these days so we came up with some simple criteria to help you choose your surf level. We have 3 simple levels for you to choose from and we would like you to let us know your surf level when booking your trip.

Level 1

Here are the key criteria to identify if you are a level 1 surfer:

You have never surfed in your life

You have tried surfing a few times

You took a few surfing lessons here and there

You have been surfing for weeks or months, but you still have difficulty with basic techniques

You fall on 30% or more of your pop ups

You are not comfortable swimming through the white water

You have difficulty catching unbroken waves by yourself

You have difficulty identifying if a wave is a left or a right

You don’t know how to angle your take off and draw a basic line on the face of a wave


learn-to-surf-manLevel 2

You have been surfing for many weeks, months or a few years

You can paddle through the white water and you can catch unbroken waves by yourself

You are able to predict if a wave will be a right or a left

You are able to angle your take off and go down the line on a wave

You rarely fall on your pop-ups

You do not need any assistance to go through the white water and to catch unbroken waves

You are starting to try different board shapes, slowly surfing smaller funboards or fish shaped surfboards

You are at a level where you feel you need more tips to surf better on the face of the wave: more agility, more speed, better style, etc



barrel-close-upLevel 3

When you are at level 3 that means you can confidently catch head high plus waves without assistance.


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