How We Coach Surfing

At Rise Up we break down a week of surf coaching into different parts to help you rapidly progress your ability. We believe that just as much learning is done out of water as  in the water, which is why we integrate surf theory and video analysis into our daily lessons. With this diverse approach to teaching, and armed with the right tools and surf coaching program, you’ll quickly be on your way to developing a refined and confident surf technique in no time!

Beach Lesson

This is where the surf coaching begins. If you’re just learning to surf, we give you a run down of the basics of surfing; how to paddle out and how to catch waves. If you’ve surfed before, we talk about the local breaks, spots to paddle out and where to sit. It’s always good to spend a bit of time on the beach before venturing out into the ocean and this is the best way to start.

Paddle School

Sometimes being in the ocean makes it difficult to practice your paddle technique, especially amid the waves and current. This is why, at the beginning of the week, we use the pool as our own paddle/surf simulator. Our instructors show you a whole range of useful skills from perfecting your paddling to making a smooth duck dive.

Video Analysis

If you’ve never seen yourself surf, this is a game changer for improvement and should be included in every surf coaching program you sign up for. We have two filming sessions a week, at the beginning and the end to see how you progress, and also to work on different areas of your technique. Video analysis is a great way to focus in on problem areas and work on them when you’re back out in the water.

Surf Theory

There is so much more to surfing than just surfing. With two Surf Theory classes a week, we teach you about different surfing terms, technique and etiquette in the water. If that’s old news to you and you’re looking for something more advanced, we’ll dive into the world of board shapes, forecasting and any requests that you may want to know more about.

More On Surfing

Video Tutorials

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Jen Surfing

What’s Your Surf Level?

Unsure of your surf level? Here we help you find out so we can tailor the right surf coaching program for you.


Rise Up Surf Destinations

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