Oscar Caceres grew up in the local community that surrounds Rise Up. He and his closest friends are some of the first local surfers in the area and today represent the crew of the best local rippers in the area. To say Oscar is a pioneer is an understatement and now thanks to tourism and a lot of hard work Oscar and many local surfers have a bright future ahead thanks to the investment in tourism in the area.

Oscar is a one of a kind human being and has many talents in his repetoir including welding, fishing dancing and many other great talents. . He has been working with Rise Up since 2012 and has now established him self as a  top notch host and surf instructor/ guide.  Outside of work with Rise Up Oscar spends a lot of time fishing and as some of you know is also a cowboy at heart having grown up on a farm. Going on a horse riding adventure with him is simply epic and highly recommended.

Oscar is a true firecracker and full of energy, which he probably got from being the youngest of 5 siblings but get this, all his siblings are girls, so that must also be where he got his great sensitivity and kindness from. Oscar as like many of the people in this community do not have a long history of education and can you imagine now that Oscar speaks perfect english we are proud to see him his setting himself up for greatness with a new business on the horizon. We are stoked to have Oscar as part of the Rise Up family and we really think that the world needs to know this man. To get to know this local legend come and join us this coming winter as Oscar loves to share his local knowledge and passion with everyone he can.

To get a little better idea of the community where Oscar grew up and the history of surfing in the area check out this video made a few years back.



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