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By February 21, 2013No Comments

I have been living in Nicaragua for over five years and since the beginning it has been my dream to find a place where I can have an organic farm and a sanctuary to practice yoga and be close to good waves. A place that daily I can be connected to nature and the very essence of what living close to the land and ocean is all about. Surfing is one of the greatest passions that I have and it has lead me to many different corners of the globe in search of waves and have had countless amazing adventures along the way.

I have now finally chosen Nicaragua to make my home. I started Rise Up to share Nicaragua, its amazing surf and the incredible vibe with people from all over the world.

Rise Up is currently based on a stunning beach between the north and central coast of Nicaragua. The location truly could not be more ideal with the beach only footsteps away from my room and the surf right out front is almost always a lot of fun. However I do not own the property and although the property is absolutely ideal for Rise Up right now I have begun the search for the location to build the future of Rise Up that will also be an oasis for yoga, connected to an organic farm and a centre to promote sustainable agriculture and conservation in the local community.

I have a surfed and explored a lot of the coastline in Nicaragua. The next months the plan is to continue the search in between the times when we have guests .

It is a mystery of where Rise Up will end up but it also a very exciting road ahead. In the meantime I hope to continue learning about Nicaragua and having great times with old friends and many new friends.


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