Rise Up Surf’s Inseperable Trio


It’s been a week of goodbyes for us at Rise Up, first with the departure of Laura, and today we lost three more. As the season begins to slow down, our team gets a little smaller. Yesterday we had to say goodbye to an almost inseperable trio, to The Three Musketeers, surf instructor Clem and Josh, and Yoga teacher/marketing whiz Elin.

Rise Up Surf instructors Clem, Josh, and Elin

They all made such fundamental contributions to our surf and yoga programs, and althouh we know they’re excited to make their way home to baguettes and wine and pints and fish’n’chips, we hope they know how sorely their presence will be missed among the Rise Up familia. Whether paying witness to Josh’s English whit, Elin’s mermaid-like presence on a longboard, or Clem’s unmistakable French-ness, you were sure to fall in love with this trio.


Rise Up Surf instructor Clem

Rise Up Surf yoga teacher Elin

Rise Up Surf instructor Josh

PC: Beatriz Barba

And while Josh and Elin certainly made a beautiful couple, it was watching the friendship of Josh and Clem blossom that had us all believing in fairytales. France and England may not have always walked hand-in-hand historically, but watching this dynamic duo would make anyone forget the past. We weren’t always sure what the point of most of their antics were, but they were relentless in their pursuits and before we knew it we were all joining along.


surf instructors Josh and Clem


Particularly, they had an obsession with breaking ice. To this day we still don’t know where it stemmed from, but by the end of their stay, they had videos of Ice-Breaking with almost every staff member, in almost every location they could dream up. Luckily, we got our hands on some of their Ice-Breaking highlights before they took off so that you can all get a piece of the – mostly underwhelming, but still funny – action as well.


We love you guys, and we will miss you and your humorous spirits a lot. This place will be a lot quieter without you and without all of the laughs you bring into our lives. You always have a home with us, so, until next time xx




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