Many ocean animals are under great pressure from pollution, poor fishing practices and habitat destruction. In Nicaragua sea turtle eggs are a delicacy. They are heavily poached along most of Nicaragua’s Pacific coast including beaches around Rise Up. If we do nothing, hundreds of these eggs are poached and sold to restaurants in Chinandega, Leon and Managua…

ocean conservation project

The sea turtle are one of the oceans most majestic and treasured creature! They play an important role in a healthy functioning ocean system. These creatures maintain healthy sea grass beds and coral reefs, provide key habitat for other marine life, help to balance marine food webs and facilitate nutrient cycling from water to land.

At Rise up, we just love the ocean, because we feel part of it. For that reason we are going to begin a few small projects to protect it! Rise Up already started some beach clean up days, but would like to announce another exciting project:

We are going to play a part in the protection of nesting sea turtles and their eggs!

Philip has had a passion for sea turtle conservation for many years. Since Rise Up has started we successfully completed two nesting seasons releasing over 20,000 hatchlings in the Salinas Grandes Region, where Rise Up originally started.

In May 2017 we will start a sea turtle conservation project in the Aposentillo area. Rise Up will employ locals to patrol the beach and collect the eggs of endangered, nesting Olive Ridly, Hawksbill and hopefully Leatherback sea turtles. We then will safely transplant these eggs to a hatchery managed by community staff members.

Rise up surf ocean and turtle conservation project

Before the start of the nesting season employees will be trained. Therefore we develop a side education project where the employees will receive on going training in an array of areas, including: guide training, conservation and education. As a result the employees will also broaden their skill set and help them gain jobs in the growing tourism industry in the region and Nicaragua as a whole.

To start the project and run it for the upcoming 6 months we need $3000 US. We would like to raise the start costs needed by selling Surf and Protect t-shirts. And of course we invite guests to take part in this fun and valuable conservation initiative.

This is the t-shirts:

P1140180-1057x1300 P1140187-1066x1300

Do you want to protect the ocean and the turtles?

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