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Hello and Welcome from all of us at The Rise Up Team

You may have heard the rumors on all the exciting new stuff happening here at Rise Up Surf – we’re excited to finally get the chance to spill the pinto!

New Tailored Packages Now Available

Check out our range of New Surf Packages, we’ve changed our packages to make it easier to cater to the variety of people that like to make there way down here. We now offer something for everyone, from the serious surfers, adventure junkies through to serious yogi’s and relaxers.

New Focus On Surf Coaching

As Rise Up continues to evolve as Nicaragua’s top surf camp we are now focusing not just on surfing but helping people to truly improve their surfing with specific coaching during our Learn To Surf & Yoga Adventure Camps . One of the key parts to high quality surf coaching is ensuring all our local guides are qualified by the International Surf Association (ISA)  Our local instructors work alongside experienced professional surf coaches from all over the world to provide a weekly step by step surf coaching program that includes hands on in the water coaching,  photo and video analysis and workshops. When this is combined with the incredible energy and positive vibes of the crew, you are sure to have a surf experience unlike any other. Our goal is empower you with the right tools to be a more confident and better surfer and continually progress.

New Focus On Yoga Retreats and Heath Conscious Living

Yoga has and always will be a part of the Rise Up lifestyle. This year we have completed a brand new yoga studio nestled amongst giant banyan trees and finished in 100% reclaimed hardwood. Nestled on top of a cliff, our open-air studio comes equipped with an all-natural and calming soundtrack of crashing waves, tropical bird songs, and fresh ocean breezes. Our tranquil, spacious studio hosts groups of up to 30 people and we are now inviting yoga, meditation, wellness and fitness teachers from far and wide to Host A Retreat with us as we not only have the studio capacity but we are truly ready to create once in a lifetime retreat experiences.

In combination with a new studio we are delving more deeply in a healthier way of living by expanding on our already diverse plant based menu and connecting it more with our onsite gardens and local suppliers. We are also slowly but surely limiting the number of packaged snacks and foods and replacing them with freshly made snacks.

Willow, our new in-house yoga instructor, will be offering holistic therapies and workshops to our guests starting November 2016 which is another exciting new addition to Rise Up. 

Working Closer With The Community

Over the past two years our community involvement has growing in some areas and slowing down in others and we now will take things back up a notch. We employ mostly locals and this coming season we are going to start a surf club with local kids in our community as we have so many old boards that will be perfect for them to learn to surf on. We are also going to re-start our sea turtle conservation project to protect endangered sea turtles. Then our mission to host a series of events and fund raisers to help the local schools with supplies and other things they need such as transport and more staff.

The Rise Up Team Has Grown

Come and say hello to our ever growing amazing Rise Up Surf Crew.

Additions To Our Surfboard Quiver

Don’t worry all the old favourites are still around, though we challenge you to work your way through our expanded new quiver. Over the years we have been working hard to expand our surf board quiver and we now have over 60 different surf boards to choose from.

This Place Seems A Bit Different

The time has come for a shift in Rise Up where we are launching Our New Website to mark the end of an era and the start of a new chapter. Many of the crew have been with us for many years now and we are so excited to take Rise Up on a new journey which will involve some of us having families and taking Rise Up to new countries and really just evolving. We are so grateful for all the love and support we have been given over the years to get us to where we are today and our mission to change as many peoples lives by giving them experiences that shift the way they look at the world and no matter what our highest priority is making sure our guests are stoked. We love sharing our world with people and truly connecting with others so we will be here or somewhere waiting for you to come and join us.

On behalf of all the Rise Up crew we can’t to see you and we invite you to keep up to date with us on Facebook and Instagram. Also keep an eye out for our weekly blogs.

One Love,



We look forward to seeing you soon!

– Rise Up Surf Team


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