Level 1 – Beginner

You’ve never seen a board before and you love the idea of surfing so you wanna give it a go! From level 1 we start at the basics of surfing and water safety. Learn how to catch waves and eventually stand up properly with the correct technique.


Maybe you have surfed before, but not with any professional tuition (surf lesson) or it has been a long time and you’d like to start from scratch.

Level 2 – Novice/Refresher

Catching waves is becoming easier for you but need assistance every now and then . You’re standing up on every 1 in 3 waves riding them all the way in towards the beach.


Have surfed a lot previously but haven’t surfed in the last year or longer.

Level 3 – Improver

You have an understanding of how to paddle out past the broken waves in 1-3 foot surf and paddling into you’re own waves but still feel you sometimes need some assistance on catching waves, positioning in the line up and wave selection. You have a basic understanding of turning and trimming along the wave face but would like to improve in this area.

Level 4 – Intermediate or Higher

You’ve been surfing for a few years and can link turns and do basic manoeuvres. Fully capable of surfing alone, but would like to build upon your current skill set.