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Yoga has always been an important piece of the Rise Up experience. After practicing for years, Phil deepened his practice by completing a yoga teacher training with Sivananda Yoga School in Northern India. Through his training, he learned that not only does yoga provide an immense amount of health benefits, but it is also the perfect complement to surfing. Upon starting Rise Up, he knew yoga needed to be a part of the daily plan.

We welcome experienced teachers from around the world to share the benefits of yoga with our guests. The classes at Rise Up are thoughtfully tailored to meet the needs and levels of every student. 

At each of our beautiful locations across Central America, you can look forward to practicing yoga in dreamy spaces – from stunning outdoor shalas with a view of the sea to rustic yoga decks overlooking the jungle. Whichever location you choose, a unique yoga space is sure to elevate the peace created during class.

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Our Yoga Philosophy

At Rise Up, we believe that yoga is for everyone. Whether it is your first day stepping onto the mat or your hundredth, we have a class for you. Presented in approachable and down to earth settings, our classes are designed with everybody in mind. Among its seemingly endless benefits, you can expect yoga to help build strength, improve flexibility, and increase mindfulness.

Yoga and surfing go hand-in-hand. Practicing balance, increasing strength, and developing breathing techniques are all pieces of yoga that will help you become a better surfer.

We all know surfing can be tough on our bodies, sometimes causing lower back pain, sore shoulders, and tight hips.Yoga is the perfect antidote to these common surf ailments. With the use of specific yoga poses and stretches, we can restore balance back to the body and relieve muscle tension caused by surfing.

By practicing yoga, we take care of our bodies – meaning we can surf better and surf longer.

Halo Sunset Yoga

Daily Yoga

On a Rise Up retreat, you can expect daily yoga classes led by our certified and highly-skilled yoga teachers. Our teachers make sure to tailor classes to the needs and requests of each student’s unique goals and levels.

Throughout the week, the yoga schedule will change based on the tides; meaning you will experience yoga pre-surf and post-surf – ensuring your body gets exactly what it needs each day.

Extra Classes

Can’t get enough yoga? Be sure to ask us about additional classes or private sessions before your arrival or during your stay.

Host A Retreat

We would love to host your next yoga retreat! Whether it is purely yoga or a mix with surfing – we are excited to help create the perfect experience for you and your guests. Shoot us an email and let’s start planning.

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Yoga leads to a body that is easeful, a mind that is peaceful, which results in a life that is useful.

Swami Satchidananda

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