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How We Coach Surfing

An Inside Look at Surf Coaching with Rise Up

Our surf coaching is different in that we teach both in and out of the water. On top of daily in-water lessons, we will also provide video analysis and surf theory classes throughout the week.

With this unique and in-depth teaching style, you will quickly develop more confidence in the water and a refined surf technique.

Beach Lesson

Our surf coaching always begins on the beach. Before hopping in the water, we like to spend some time watching the waves and getting prepared. If you are new to surfing, we will give you a run down on the basics of surfing – how to paddle out, how to pop up, and how to catch waves. If you are a more experienced surfer, we will take some time to discuss the local breaks, key spots to paddle out, and where to sit. Take some time to get accustomed to the spot, before getting wet.

Paddle School

With incoming waves and a pulling current, the ocean can be a difficult place to practice and refine your paddling technique. For that reason, we like to use the pool as a calm and controlled place to practice surf skills. Our surf coaches will demonstrate various techniques, such as efficient paddling and smooth duck diving, in order to take your surfing to the next level.

Video Analysis

Video analysis is what really sets our surf coaching apart from the rest, and we find it to be a game changer when it comes to improving surfing abilities. Each week, we will have two filming sessions – one at the beginning and one at the end. This makes it possible to see your progression throughout the week and gives you an idea of which parts of your technique need some work. Video analysis is a great way for our coaches to pinpoint any problems with technique, so that you know what to work on when you are back in the water.

Surf Theory

There is so much more to surfing than just catching waves and we want you to know it all! There will be two surf theory classes each week, where we will teach you surfing terminology, technique, and etiquette in the water. If you are a more advanced surfer, we can dive into the world of forecasting, board shapes, and any other burning questions you may still have about surfing.

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