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What’s Your Surf Level?

Are you a beginner or an experienced surfer? Find out…

No idea what your surf level is?

Before arriving to your Rise Up retreat, we will separate the group by skill level and experience. Placing everyone into an appropriate level, allows us to plan for the week and maximize your progress in the water. It can be hard to define surf levels, so we have come up with simple criteria to help you decide. Upon booking, please let us know which of the four surf levels best describes you and your experience.

Level 1 – Beginner

You have never been on a surfboard before, but you have always wanted to give it a go. In level 1, we start with the basics of surfing and water safety. Learn how to paddle, pop up, and catch waves!


Level 1 may be a good option for those who have surfed before, but without any prior coaching or if a long time has passed. A great option for those looking to start from scratch!

Level 2 – Novice/Refresher

You have surfed before and catching waves is becoming easier for you. However, you may still need assistance from time to time. Level 2 is great for those who are able to catch every 1 in 3 waves and are able to ride them in towards the beach.


This is a good choice for those who have surfed a lot in the past, but have not been out for a surf in the last year or longer.

Level 3 – Improver

You are able to paddle out past broken waves and you are catching your own waves. You may occasionally need an extra push into the wave or assistance with line-up positioning and wave selection. You have an understanding of turning and trimming along the wave, but could use improvement in this area.

Level 4 – Intermediate or Higher

You have been surfing for at least a few years and are fully capable of surfing alone. You are able to link turns and do basic maneuvers, but would like to improve or build upon your current skill set.

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