Sustainability Policy

Our hand in making positive change

Our philosophy on sustainability is based around how we can minimize our negative impact and maximize our positive impact environmentally, culturally, and economically in the surrounding areas and communities of our retreat locations.

We try to look at sustainability from a global sense in terms of climate change and the ways in which we as a company and our guests can not only off-set carbon emissions, but also monetarily contribute to local projects.

Reducing Our Impact

Being a business on the road can make it hard to have standard practices particularly in more remote locations where things like recycling and not using pesticides are unheard of. That said, we are working hard to reduce our use of plastic by taking actions such as: reusing plastic bags for our shopping, using recyclable bottles for drinks, using reusable straws and limiting the amount of product we consume that uses a high amount of plastic.

Staying Local

Whenever possible, we also buy our food from local sources that are ecologically and socially responsible—buying local ensures that we invest in the local economy. One of our dreams is to implement more sustainable ways to fish and farm locally, as currently the fishing and farming practices are not always using the best methods for environmental protection and long-term sustainability.

Our Principles

Support Our Communities.

Create initiatives that benefit the local community and environment, such as: beach clean ups, triathlons, surf club, and free yoga classes.

Be Eco-conscious.

Use eco friendly products and limit our use of plastic: use recyclable bottles for drinks, reusable straws, reusable bags for shopping, and recycle packaging.

We are also conscious of off-setting the carbon emissions of our travel and encourage our guests to do the same with our preferred partner at my-climate.

Wherever possible, we grow our own produce and teach others in the community how to do the same.

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Go Local.

In addition, we ensure that local staff makes up 75% of our team.

Rise Up partners and supports a local NGO in each retreat destination. We share the vision and mission of the project with our guests to raise awareness and in some locations offer our guests the option to take part in projects.

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