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Sustainability Policy

Our hand in making positive change

A sustainable future is our goal. We are always working to minimize any negative impact we may be having on the planet, while maximizing the positive. By respecting the local environment, culture, and economy, we hope to leave every retreat location better than we found it.

We look at sustainability through a global lens, as well as local. Big picture wise, we hope to minimize climate change effects by off-setting carbon emissions caused by flying. On a local scale, we contribute to and spearhead various projects in our own community.

Reducing Our Impact

Our retreat destinations tend to be off the beaten path. In some of these areas, it is unheard of to recycle, limit plastic use, or implement organic farming practices. It is hard to change tradition, but we hope that by setting a good example, we can inspire more positive change in the communities we inhabit. We are always working to reduce our personal use of plastic, buy organic and local food when possible, recycle, and support eco-friendly businesses.

Staying Local

Whenever possible, we buy our food from local growers. By buying local, we invest in and support the community we live in. The methods used for fishing and farming here in Nicaragua are not always the most sustainable, and we dream of a better future that keeps environmental protection in mind. We are always looking for new ways to support sustainable practices.

Our Principles

Support Our Communities.

Create initiatives that will benefit the local community and environment. Examples of past and current projects have been beach clean-ups, triathlons, the local surf club, Rise Up Kids, and free community yoga classes.

Be Eco-conscious.

We use eco-friendly products and limit the use of plastic – recyclable water bottles, reusable straws, and reusable shopping bags.

We are also working to off-set the heavy carbon emissions of our travel and we encourage our guests to do the same. My Climate is our preferred partner, if you are interested in trying it out!

Whenever possible, we grow our own produce and teach others in the community to do the same. Whatever we cannot grow ourselves, we try to buy locally.

Offset your flight emissions here!

Go Local.

We ensure that 75% of our team is made up of local staff.

In each retreat destination, Rise Up partners with and supports a local NGO. We discuss the mission of the project with our guests and in some locations offer the option to take part in the projects.

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