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By Blair Bigham

Pottering down a rustic bumpy road – surrounded by palm trees, bungalows, and the sound of the sea in the distance – the Rise Up familia finally reached their Guatemalan destination. Arriving in El Paradon, a beautiful hidden beach town, we knew that we were in the perfect Rise Up On The Road location. Before long, we were exploring the area and preparing for a week full of fun with our guests.

The retreat location was a beautiful set up of casitas, pool side rooms, an open kitchen, and a welcoming hang out area, and as the guests began to trickle in, we quickly felt a sense of community. New acquaintances soon felt like family, gathered together to enjoy the beauty of El Paradon, Guatemala.

We spent the days watching the sunrise from the beach and catching waves at the local beach break, which offered a variety of waves for all levels. We relished daily yoga in the bungalow studio, followed by luxurious lounging beside the immaculate infinity pool.

Delicious meals, prepared by our Chef Jamie and a staff of local women, nourished our busy bodies three times a day so that we could participate in a variety of activities throughout the week. Our new familia shared adventures of surfing the river mouth, enjoying bonfires on the beach, wake-surfing through the mangroves, learning to salsa, and having the opportunity to create friendships from around the world.

Our many service-oriented activities included the opportunity to adventure into a local village to learn about La Choza Chula, a local non-profit. While working with La Choza Chula, we helped clean a local garden and learned how to make empanadas with local families.  At the end of each day, we had the opportunity to watch the sunset while sharing stories, laughs, and music with each other, creating memories that will last forever.

We had a blast experiencing Guatemala,  and we look forward to making our way back to El Paradon next year. Dates are still to be confirmed, but we hope that you can join.

If you’re interested, please contact Corina at [email protected] to secure your spot and an exclusive early-bird discount!

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