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As 2019 comes to an end, there are so many things for us to be grateful for. Amidst many transitions here in Nicaragua, we couldn’t be more excited to wrap up the year and celebrate the upcoming new year with an amazing and diverse team of staff (and guests) from all over the world!

At Rise Up, if our guests aren’t having the best time, we aren’t having a good time. Everything starts and ends with our guests in mind, and that is why you can be sure you’ll get the best out of your surf retreat with us. 

From the moment you arrive in Nicaragua for a week at Rise Up, you are greeted by one of our wonderful drivers, who eagerly await your arrival with a sign and a smile. After driving to our off-the-beaten path location on the coast, our wonderful staff will be getting stoked to greet you on site! 

Here are the friendly faces who will make sure you have the time of your life at Rise Up…

Francisco, Manager & Surf Guide | Spain

Fran is the action man who moved to Nicaragua from Spain, and has called Rise Up home for the past few years. He is an all-round host and surf instructor; making sure guests are always happy whether it be at the bar, surf or simply around the camp. Be prepared for some serious entertainment and sass from this guy.

Oscar, Surf Guide | Nicaragua

Oscar is truly one of the most talented and fun human beings on the planet. He is an exceptionally passionate and motivated surf instructor and one of the best local surf guides around. When he isn’t surfing, he’s ensuring you are having the best time at the camp or on fun adventures in the region. Check out Oscar and some of the local crew in this surf video.

photo: @majaenberginstagram

Kelly, Surf Guide | Australia

Kelly grew up surfing on the east coast of Australia and is passionate about travelling to new places chasing waves & sunshine! Surfing, yoga, & ocean conservation are her world. Kelly is one of those people that you instantly connect with and always want to be around. Her kind and calm nature gives you a sense of ease and confidence in the water and as much as you’ll improve technically with Kelly as a coach, you’ll improve just as much mentally.

photo: @majaenberginstagram

Norvin, Surf Guide | Nicaragua

Norvin is quite possibly the kindest person you’ll ever meet—a smooth and cool character that will ensure you are surfing the best waves possible while at Rise Up Surf. Norvin is genuinely concerned with making sure you improve in your surfing, feel safe and confident in the water, and most importantly, having fun! You can find him smiling around camp and joining in on all the fun-having.

photo: @salty_see

Matt, Surf Guide | United Kingdom

Matt grew up and learned to surf in England before moving to Australia in 2005. He is a high-performance coach who spent many years coaching junior surfers and introducing them to the contest scene. That said, Matt will point out things to improve in your surfing that will take you straight from one level to the next. Matt combines his passion for surfing and enjoying life with a light-hearted and fun loving approach to everything he does. 

photo: @majaenberginstagram

Anniken, Yoga Instructor | Norway

Anniken’s zest for life and love for the ocean is truly contagious. She teaches Ashtanga, Rocket, vinyasa, restorative, meditation & pranayama yoga (and might even teach you a thing or two about dancing if you ask!). After her yoga classes, you are sure to feel more connected to yourself and your surroundings. Anniken’s ability to live in the moment and understand each person’s unique and magical journey makes her an instructor that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized after every class. 

photo: @fulks

Melquing, Surf Guide | Nicaragua

Melquing (Melky) is a fan favorite here at Rise Up. He has an out-of-this-world charismatic energy and will become your best friend after your first interaction. Melky is serious when it comes to helping you achieve your surf goals. Besides that, fun is the name of the game with Melky and when he’s not surfing and splashing you in the water, you can find him dancing up a storm and showing guests a good time.

photo: @majaenberginstagram

Facundo, Head Chef | Argentina

Facu is our fun-loving chef! He grew up in a mix of Italian/Spanish family where the kitchen was always the center of the house and great flavours and smells were coming out! He loves the simple things in life, friends, traveling, sports and nature. As our head chef, he provides healthy, fresh and nourishing food with local products with his signature style and 10 years of experience. When he’s not cooking up delicious food for you in the kitchen, he is out in the water learning how to surf or putting on good tunes to groove to.

photo: @majaenberginstagram

Giacomo, Surf Guide | Italy

Giacomo, our Italian Stallion! He grew up in Rome and moved to Cornwall at the age of 19 to chase his surfing dream. For the past 7 years, he has been coaching in the much colder Cornish waters. Giacomo is always triple checking that you’re having a great time, even more than he checks for leftovers on everyone’s plate. You can be sure to improve your surfing with him while sharing nothing but laughs and good times. 

photo: @fulks

Guy, Surf Guide | United Kingdom

This is Guy! He has been teaching people how to surf all over the world for almost 5 years and is your all around go-to guy, pun intended. Guys is always prepared to help out—making sure you are well taken care of and having the best week possible. He tends to buy unreliable vehicles and gets easily sunburnt. Guy looks forward to sharing some waves and Toña’s with you soon!

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