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If you’re looking for a unique surf destination with uncrowded beaches, friendly locals and fresh cuisine, look no further. Read on to find out more from Rise Up’s owner, Phil, who hails from the island paradise of Barbados.

The owner of Rise Up Surf, Phil, just returned from a short trip to the island of Barbados (that also happens to be his hometown)—where he made the final plans for our upcoming Rise Up Surf Retreat. To say we are excited is an understatement. With consistent swell, warm water and friendly locals, there’s no better place to unplug and unwind. You’ll be so laid back you’ll be horizontal.

Barbados has a magic that is hard to really describe as it is something you have to feel. As with all Rise Up trips, our first priority is to get you to the best waves possible and follow that with unique activities, yoga and daily video analysis with our expert coaches. Phil will be using his local knowledge and connections, making this one of our most unique trips yet—you can expect to find all the best places to surf in Barbados for all surf abilities.

If you are considering a surf trip to Barbados, here are 5 reasons on why you should go:

1. Lesser known.
Crowds aren’t a problem in Barbados. The region has not become overcrowded with surfers—plus our local guides will take you to all the lesser known places on the island.

2. Fresh, healthy cuisine.
Barbadian food is known for its’ freshness and diversity. From the catch of the day to macaroni pie, you won’t be disappointed. On our Barbados retreat, your food will be prepared by our in house chef using only the best local ingredients. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention all the rum.

3. Luxury accommodations.
Barbados offers some of the best vacation accommodation in the Caribbean. There is no lack of lodging for every budget and style. With Rise Up, you’ll join us in a  private luxury villa perfectly located close to stunning beaches, shopping, and vibrant nightlife.

4. Incredible activities.
There is plenty to do in addition to surfing in Barbados. At Rise Up, we are dedicated to connecting you with the beauty and local culture of the island. Some activities we have planned include an island tour, horse riding through the hidden central part of the island, and a private catamaran dinner cruise that includes snorkeling with sea turtles. And of course, daily yoga.

5. The people.
The people in Barbados are known for their hospitality, warmth, and easy going attitude. You will be welcomed here with open arms, no matter where you come from. On this Rise Up trip, we’ll be joined by some of our wonderful staff and coaches, as well as the local crew who will be there to make sure we experience the best of Barbados.

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