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Emilie is a yoga teacher from New Zealand, dedicated to offering her students holistic practices based on the 8 limbed path of yoga. She teaches a combination of vinyasa, slow flow, hatha, yin, restorative and yoga therapy styles. Her yoga is tailored to be the perfect compliment to a day of surfing and activities with Rise Up Surf.

1) BOUND ANGLE POSE OR PIGEON: to open hips pre surf to help with pop ups and avoiding hip/knee surf related injuries.

2) LEGS UP THE WALL POSE: to increase circulation and relieve anxiety or insomnia (this one is perfect if you’re losing sleep in excitement for a swell arriving ????)

3) LOCUST POSE: to lengthen and strengthen back and neck muscles and encourage good posture when lying on your surfboard and paddling out.

4) STANDING FORWARD BEND: against a wall or dangling, to decompress the lower back. This is ideal for after your surf if you experience any kind or lower back pain.

5) EAGLE ARMS: this is a great pose for undoing tension in the upper back muscles after all that paddling.

6) LATERAL STRETCHES: perfect for opening up the body and minimizing your risk of pulling muscles if you wipe out.

And that’s it for now, let us know if you want to see more easy and practical ways to improve your surf!

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